My sculptures are relics; equidistant to the past and future. This body of work is bound together with intrinsic and assigned value, providing comfort to my expanding call for mental clarity and creative growth. Assembled as part of a therapeutic exercise, my work exhibits repressed ideas of comfortability as they clash with artifacts once thought to represent wealth, all while chasing an unattainable lifestyle.

For years, my family and loved ones have passed down their belongings to me; tired and often abandoned objects now subject to a new role. This intergenerational trade of possessions has been embedded in my outlook of curating materials. Knowing an object’s origin, where it sat in someone’s house, or whose hands it may have previously passed through all provide insight as I pilot the object into a new state. These objects carry previous attachments of culture, lifestyle, and the weight of artificial security, all of which I use to forge emotions in the viewer, just as that emotion stirred in me. Akin to the quilts my grandmother sewed, I weave together these recycled objects as they bolster new claims of identity while traversing nostalgia.

This work is encapsulated by a torn skin, giving the false illusion of stability and balance. These constructed articles live in a moment of time while potential combustion and collapse lurk on the horizon. I am exploring concepts of inherent color versus applied color; Applying vibrant fluorescents to surfaces designed to disguise human flaws. My perception of sexuality and sensuality is made up of naivety and reality television. To investigate these concepts more thoroughly, I use scale and texture to mimic human form; a severed leg, a tongue, a pointy fingernail.

Natalia Kraviec (b. 1990) Visual Artist living and working in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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